Femberg services include:designing private interiors, designing public and commercial spaces: retail stores, hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs, etc.

Our client receives a comprehensive service from concept through visualization, executive design, authorship supervision to professional aid in choosing and purchasing the right furnishings. Everyone interested in our services is invited to a free, non-committal meeting during which we will be able to get familiarized with their expectations and suggest the best possible form of further cooperation. Preliminary project valuation each time is determined individually with the client depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

As part of the designing service, we offer various ways of cooperation:

Complex project

Stage I

Meeting the client developing the concept of the interior based on the needs, preferences and esthetic tastes of the client as well as determining the terms of cooperation measurement – inventory and photographic documentation of the designed interior. Preparing 3 concepts of the functional design of the interior in the form of 2D horizontal projections together with a proposed arrangement of furnishings.

Stage II

Continuation of design works based on the previously developed concept preparing 3D model, creating a photo realistic visualization of the designed interior alongside with suggested furniture, lighting, AGD/RTV equipment, ceramic tiles, floor and wall lining, bathroom furnishings and ceramics.

Stage III

Client’s consent to the suggested concepts presented in visualizations allows to proceed to the next stage of the executive design in the form of technical drawings:

– drawings of changes within walls

– drawings of water and sewage installation

– drawings of electrical installation

– drawings of lighting arrangement

– drawings of floor arrangement and its quantity

– drawings of gypsum plasterboard cabinetry and wall lining

– technical drawings of final bathroom finishings – views of walls with tiles arrangement and bathroom ceramics and furnishings arrangement

– drawings of designed furniture, kitchen and bathroom furniture with appliances

– a detailed specification of the quantities of all the used materials for instance: floor boards, tiles, skirting boards, etc.

– at the request of the client, preliminary budgets are prepared by collaborating contractors as well as valuation of the chosen elements of interior fittings.

A turnkey project

This kind of collaboration includes a comprehensive project enlarged by the authorship supervision and ordering of all the materials while providing service and transport to the investment site. We cooperate with proven building services and carpenters. Thus at the very beginning of the collaboration we are able to arrange the starting and ending dates of works as well as guarantee the highest quality and reasonable prices of the performed service.

Supervision over investment realization:
– providing contractors with proper documents along with explaining incomprehensible issues and discussing particular stages of work
– the control of the quality of works performed by specialists from various branches
– check up of on-time deliveries and orders

A technical project

It includes the third stage of the comprehensive project.
It is an option for clients who need technical documentation for contractors.


This project is presented with the help of photo – realistic visualizations that show a suggested design for a particular space.

A project of single spaces

A complex project of space indicated by the client for example: bathroom, kitchen, living room, study, kids room space and also particular zones such as a daily section or loft.

A project of façade and land use

An option for those clients who are planning to buy or renovate a house, mansion or villa and at the same time need assistance in choosing the right materials or ideas for an interesting façade fitting the landscape.

Architectural consultations

An option for those who already have a vision of the interior but need professional support in solving particular problems, advice or a joint visit to professional shops.